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UCLA team designs a novel type of graphene-based photodetector

Engineers from the UCLA have Used graphene to design a new type of photodetector that can work with more types of light than its current state-of-the-art counterparts. The device also has superior sensing and imaging capabilities.photodetectors' versatility and usefulness...

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New tree-inspired electrodes could boost supercapacitors’ performance

Researchers from the UCLA, Mississippi State Universitym University of Nevada and China's Central South have designed an efficient and long-lasting graphene-based electrode for supercapacitors. The device’s design was inspired by the structure and function of leaves on tree...

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A graphene-based device reveals the dynamics of single-molecule reactions

A team of international researchers has made a graphene-based device that captures the real-time dynamics of a classic chemical reaction at the single molecule level. Developed at Peking University, UCLA and the Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences, the method...

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