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Researchers develop graphene-based synaptic transistors for neuromorphic computing

Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin and Sandia National Laboratories have developed graphene-based synaptic transistors for brain-like computers. These transistors are similar to synapses in the brain, that connect neurons to each other.”Computers...

The ChemQuest Technology Institute enters agreement with Universal Matter

The ChemQuest Technology Institute recently entered a three-year collaborative agreement with Universal Matter, to push forward its graphene technology based on sustainable feedstocks.ChemQuest will explore the benefits of the technology in applications for paints and...

Dell patents design for graphene-enhanced wireless charging clip for laptops

Electronics and computer giant Dell has patented the design of a graphene-enhanced detachable clip for laptop computers, meant for wireless charging.The clip uses a printed graphene charging coil built with a ferrite sheet as well as magnetic elements to hold the clip...
New market report: Graphene-enhanced Construction Materials

New market report: Graphene-enhanced Construction Materials

Graphene-Info is proud to announce a new market report, focused on the Graphene Construction Materials Market, a comprehensive guide to the world of graphene-enhanced construction materials.Graphene can benefit the construction industry in many ways, like enhancing...

Levidian and United Utilities secure BEIS funding for biogas to hydrogen project

Levidian and United Utilities recently secured funding for the first phase of a biogas to hydrogen project.The UK Government’s department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has awarded £212,000 (over USD$256,000) funding through the Net Zero...


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