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Gigabyte launches a new graphics card with a graphene lubricant

Gigabyte launched a new graphic cards that uses a graphene lubricant that is said to extend the lifetime of the fan by 2.1 times, almost like a double ball bearing design - and it also makes the fab quieter...

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Graphene-XT develops graphene-enhanced lubricating oil additive for engines

Researchers at Graphene-XT have developed a new graphene-based lubricating oil additive for diesel and petrol engines in cars or motorcycles. By introducing graphene into a lubricating oil, Graphene-XT found that both its performance and stability improved, resulting in more...

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Gigabyte uses graphene to extend the lifetime of graphic card fans and minimize noise

Gigabyte announced its latest gaming graphic card, the Radeon RX 6800 GAMING OC 16G. The new device uses a graphene-enhanced lubricant for its fan.Gigabyte says that its "Graphene nano lubricant" extends the lifetime of the fan by 2.1 times,...

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New graphene-enhanced lubricants initiative launched in China

A new initiative called "The Technical Standards Development and Application Demonstration Base of Graphene-Modified Lubricants" was launched at LiuGong’s Global R&D Center in Liuzhou, China. Co-built by the China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry and Guangxi Liugong Machinery...

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Malaysian researchers aim to commercialize graphene-based lubricants within the year

Researchers at Sunway University in Malaysia have developed and produced graphene-based lubricants to improve automotive and industrial lubricants. They aim to commercialize their graphene-based nanolubricant 'Infinoil' within the year, which can reduce friction and wear, improving engine efficiency...

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Wuxi’s graphene industrial zone shows new graphene products and materials

The Wuxi Graphene Industry Development & Demonstration Zone (in Wuxi, China - near Shanghai) is an impressive graphene center (we visited Wuxi in 2017). The center recently renovated its demonstration room, and sent us this video showcasing the many...

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