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Researchers develop a graphene oxide aerogel foam to improve all solid state lithium batteries

Researchers from China’s Jiangsu University and Changzhou University have developed a non-ceramic solid-state electrolyte based on a graphene oxide (GO) aerogel framework filled with polyethylene oxide.Li-ion batteries currently perform a key role in electric...

New chemical glucose sensing tech based on boronic acids and graphene foam

Researchers at the University of Bath, in collaboration with industrial partner Integrated Graphene, have developed a sensing technique based on graphene foam, for the detection of glucose levels in the blood.The newly developed sensor is a chemical one instead of...

Lyten commissioned by U.S DIU to demonstrate battery technology for space applications

Lyten, an advanced materials company developing lithium-sulfur battery technology based on Lyten 3D Graphene, has announced that it secured a prototype Other Transaction (OT) agreement in support of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) around high-specific energy storage...

Graphene Composites announces R&D partnership with ABBS for graphene-based armored vehicle protection technologies

Graphene Composites (GC) has announced a research and development partnership with Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems (ABBS), a leading developer of active systems for protecting armored vehicles from mine and IED blasts.The partnership will focus on the use of...

Researchers use ‘aerographene’ to create controllable electrical explosions

An international research team, led by Germany’s Kiel University (CAU) and including scientists from the University of Southern Denmark, Technische Universität Dresden, University of Trento, Sixonia Tech and Queen Mary University of London, has used...

SmartIR uses graphene to allow satellites to control thermal radiation

SmartIR, a spin-out of the University of Manchester, is working on a graphene-based smart coating for satellites, to allow them to control thermal radiation on demand, depending on whether a satellite’s surface is Earth’s shadow or on the side closest to the Sun.This...


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